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All Star Electric is a family owned business founded by Mr. Tim Giddens in 1995. Since the founding of the company we have done our best to provide a quality service at a competitive price for all of the many customers we have been fortunate enough to have a relationship with. We look at every project with the customer’s interest in mind and treat each and every situation as if it were our own. Since 2011 Cale Giddens has been the president of the company, Cale has been with All Star since 2002, working alongside his father he learned how to do everything it takes to provide a service that is second to none for his customers, and an awesome work environment for his employees.

We have been blessed to have done a wide array of projects throughout the history of our company and our experience is one of the most important things we can offer to someone in need of an electrical contractor.

“This business was founded on honesty and integrity, it is my goal to be trustworthy, fair, and above all honest with every customer and employee that I am blessed enough to work with.” – Cale Giddens, President

We have provided general contractors, private owners, corporate plants, nationwide service vendors, and individual parties with the same amount of attention to detail and flat line fair pricing on all sorts of work over the course of our history.

At all star electric we take pride in our wide range of skillsets, if we have done all types of things for our customers from assembling equipment, conveyor lines, or coolers to air piping and compressor installations. If electricity connects to it, don’t hesitate to ask us for our help making the installation process and the entire project go as smoothly as possible, we are willing to do whatever it takes to make the customers experience a positive one.

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Our Team

At All Star Electric we know that we are only as good as the employees that represent us. Therefore we go the extra mile in efforts to find the most highly qualified team members we can. Our employees take pride in their craftsmanship and ownership of their work, that’s not an easy thing to find in todays workforce.

Our customers have the luxury of confidence in each and every all star employee. They know that if we trust our employees, they can as well.

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Cale Giddens
Owner | Operator

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